Feeding a Child Each Time We Clean Your Home

We live in a world where many children are struggling with hunger.  We think this problem can be solved if we all put an effort into doing a little bit.

Here at Maids In Black (and with your help) we set out to do our part.

Each time we clean, we donate a portion of our proceeds to the World Food Program that is enough to feed a child for five days.

Providing School Meals For Children

Some of these children are right here in the Americas, in Haiti, and have been devastated by recent calamities and we are happy to do our little part.

How you can Help?

You are already helping.  Each time you use us to clean your home we make a donation.  Ending hunger one small step at a time.  And of course, you can feel free to donate directly with the  World Food Program.  They are doing great things for children right here in our backyard.